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Secure delivery, efficient design, enhanced brand image, environmentally friendly, and most importantly, low cost. It is our role as experts in the printing and packaging field to continually exceed our customers never ending list of expectations. As a business, Starprint Vietnam is committed to innovation and the pursuit of value throughout the supply chain.

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We believe that seeing the packaging is the first step of the customer’s experience; what the customer sees on the shelf will set their expectations of the quality of the product that they will receive. This is why we are proud of our global reputation as a dynamic supplier, constantly increasing our capabilities in order to satisfy increasingly complex demands, while maintaining our leading quality.

Our expertise in printing and packaging means that we are able to meet your requirements from the design phase all the way through to the finished product. With our portfolio of machinery, we are able to keep our production internal from end to end, ensuring that we can meet the speed and quality expected from leading businesses.

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Working closely with our customers and our suppliers, it is our responsibility to align the quality expectations between all related partners. We carefully control our output standards with our complete network of material specifications, operating procedures and integrated quality controls.

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Our material resource planning is responsible for the delicate balance of material acquisition and inventory control in order to ensure every delivery is on time and in full.

With nearly 20 years of experience supplying both the domestic and international market, our logistics team at Starprint know how to smoothly sail through the notoriously challenging Vietnamese customs processes. It is our mission to manage all of the steps leading to the finished goods arriving at our customers doorstep, safely and efficiently.

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“It's been a pleasure working directly with StarPrint. We have put in place a project tracker that is shared between Crayola and StarPrint so we are both on the same page; this helps with the communication of all projects. All shipments have been on time and at cost. We look forward to continuing this good work with StarPrint. ”

Ms. Linda Farina
Crayola Procurement/Sourcing

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